Langford Jones

Since 1996, the predecessor firm to Langford-Jones Consulting, Fisher Langford - Jones & Associates Ltd., has been providing management support services to a wide range of privately held businesses, many of whom are family owned, throughout western Canada.

Under our new banner, Peter Langford-Jones brings to his clients’ situations, more than forty years of business, management and consulting experience. Many of the basic disciplines such as strategic thinking, planning, marketing, organization development, operational management, and financial management he provides from his own experience. Our associates provide experience in other disciplines such as financing, merger and acquisition, systems, succession planning, market research, legal, accounting, insurance etc. etc.

Peter’s general approach is to establish a dialogue with his clients in defining the issues at stake, exploring potential solutions and then helping them decide the preferred option. In essence he sees his role as facilitating the issue resolution process and bringing to the clients’ situation his wide experience of management and business.

Our “bottom line” is that we are here to do whatever we can to help our clients resolve any issues they are facing and to succeed in their businesses.