Langford Jones

Family Succession

Peter understands that family businesses are special, and face unique issues. In fact, because many of our clients are family businesses, some of our services are specifically designed and unique to those companies.

Whether your family business is transitioning between generations, moving to the “next level”, or simply trying to be good stewards of this major asset which is the family business, we can help.

Our Services

  • Management Succession Counseling – working with owners who wish to start handing over the management of their businesses to the “next generation”. The objective of the exercise is to ensure an orderly transition in management and leaving in place a competent team fully capable of building on the legacy to which they are heir.
  • Strategic Planning - As part of their succession planning, helping companies answer the questions of 'Where do we as a family want to take our company?' and ‘How do we plan a future for our business which aligns with both the aspirations of the successor(s) and the eventual retirement needs of the founders?’ and providing a “road map” to guide their actions in implementing their plans.
  • Organization Design and Development - working with principals to develop sound organization structures and put in place appropriate responsibility and accountability mechanisms. Defining the management information requirements for effective management.