Langford Jones


Typically, in the early stages of a company’s growth, governance issues such as strategic thinking, engendering an environment of accountability throughout the organization, dealing with major corporate developments etc. are addressed in the normal course of business by the owner(s).

Nevertheless, at some stage in companies’ history, owners often conclude that they can be best supported on governance issues by an Advisory Board. Advisory Boards besides the owner(s) themselves, frequently comprise major stakeholders and outside members who can bring to the table their experience of business and, not infrequently, expertise in specific areas.

However, for Advisory Boards to be effective they need to be led by chairpersons well versed in governance and with the ability to conduct action oriented meetings effectively and efficiently. Through many years experience, Peter brings to the table a deep understanding of governance and a proven ability to chair the deliberations of meetings of any kind, effectively and efficiently.

Our Services

  • Peter offers his services as Chairman of companies’ Advisory Boards