Langford Jones

Business Management

We all know that the ability to successfully manage a company requires much more than a business degree and a computer. Successful management, particularly the kind that drives profitability, is a delicate balance of art and science, of people and numbers.

By helping you to look at your business in new ways, whether by enhancing productivity, readying your company to drive growth, attracting financing or a myriad of other management issues, Peter can help. And, he stays with you helping you to implement management solutions that work!

Our Services

  • Financial Modeling - In order to provide you with important financial information to assist in your decision making, Peter prepares financial models of business operations, capital projects, financing deals and other situations with financial implications.
  • Marketing Plans helping companies develop marketing plans to map out how they can best take advantage of market opportunity.
  • Operational Control - reviews of manufacturing and operational facilities, and efficiency. Production management structures and supervision, production control, productivity tracking systems for monitoring labour cost efficiency, inventory and material cost control, quality control systems, overhead expense control, etc.
  • Financial Control developing financial control mechanisms and advising on accounting, financial and management control systems.